Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have great credit and want a direct loan for a private purchase or to "Pay Cash" at a dealership.

No problem! If you have excellent credit, you may qualify for a direct loan. Just apply now, and if approved, you could be in your new car the same day.

2) I do not have excellent credit... how can Provincial Auto Credit help me?

Almost 80% of all adults have at least one black mark on their credit report. If you do not qualify for a direct loan, our national dealership network can provide you with a loan or a lease on a new or newer vehicle. We have thousands of new and used vehicles available and are experts in obtaining you the financing you deserve.

3) I need a second car with a low monthly payment. Can I find a late model car that will have a low monthly payment?

Yes. Provincial Auto Credit has great dependable cars with finance programs that can keep your monthly payments low!

4) Is the information that I submit on Provincial Auto Credit secure?

Absolutely! Our web site uses an Internet company just for Automotive Dealers called Aged Stock Dealer Services with a secure certificate from Thawte, so when you hit the submit button the information that is being transmitted is encrypted.

5) What are the interest rates for my car loan?

Your interest rate is influenced by several factors; whether the car you want is new or used, the amount of your down payment, your credit history, and the term of your loan. Your credit specialist will explain to you the details.

6) How long does the process take?

Most customers are contacted within 60 - 120 minutes during regular business hours.

7) My credit rating is not great. I have had some problems. Can Provincial Auto Credit help me too?

Yes. Provincial Auto Credit and our lenders will help you work through your past problems. We are experts at arranging financing for a vehicle that you want and that fits your budget.

8) Are there any fees with Provincial Auto Credit?

There are no fees for this service.